Using Time

Time is now with the size of the turn of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, tiger, and so on. This is very important to note, because we are a little off guard would be the time there will be a big loss.
A very useful with the time is to move from one motion to another motion, with a generality that is often performed daily, for example:
1. Time to Eat,
2. Time to Work,
3. Time to Mingle,
4. Time to rest,
5. Time to Worship,
6. Time to Relax,
7. Time to Play,
8. Timing Alone,
9. Time together,
10. Time to try
11. Time to silence,
12. And Other Time.
It was a sign that we should try to set the time rule,
Someone expert says: "Time is likened to the sword, if we can not put the sword to oppress us," Now we ask ourselves each; How do we take the time ?....